Design Services

If you’re looking for a design that isn’t just about looks but functionality, we can help. We create designs that while being artistically stunning don’t lack in functionality.

With years of construction industry experience, we know what elements of a design are going to function well for everyday living whilst also looking stunning. This can save you time in getting your designs approved, it also doesn’t hurt that we’re a fully licensed company. Meaning we can approve the perfect design and get you one step closer to breaking ground.

 There’s nothing worse than finding a problem mid-build, making weeks of work completely useless. At Halex Construction, our thorough industry knowledge means we’re able to sniff out these flaws before we start any concrete work. We have years of building industry experience, making it easy for us to find and remove any possible roadblocks in the design that could’ve been missed in an outsourced process. This eye for detail and practicality; saving you a lot of time and money down the line.

Our Sustainable Focuses

At Halex Construction, we’ve taken a progressive attitude towards our environmental pollution. We’re actively learning about sustainable products and building methods that will reduce our industries impact on the world. If you have specific sustainable or low offset requirements for your home, we are more than happy to adapt and work with your concerns.
Our current sustainability plan is in force through our responsible waste management, energy and water consumption. Using finishes such as low energy lighting, insulating windows and power and water efficiency accessories to create sustainable finishing touches on your home, that not only save the planet but reduce the bills when you finally move into your new home.

Not sold? Take a look at some of our past
projects - maybe that will change your mind.

Not sold? Take a look at some of our past projects - maybe that will change your mind.