Our Cladding Services

All buildings incorporate cladding in their exterior appearance. It’s the first thing to be seen, it’s a prominent and important visual element; making it a make-or-break specific in creating a stunning home.

At Halex Construction we have 18 years of combined cladding experience across Melbourne. We know what type of cladding will make your home stand out in all its glory.

Our knowledge and experience have meant we can flawlessly offer our cladding services to finish a job to perfection. We work with all forms and material such as compressed fibre cement products, metal cladding, aluminium composite, architectural panels and natural timber, including weatherboards. Utilising the finest quality materials we can choose and install the best cladding for your home. With a range of colours, finishes and designs we’ll create a building that best matches your vision while adhering to the new cladding codes in Victoria. We have confidence in our materials and suppliers with no fear of fading later on down the line, so your home can make a positive and lasting impression forever.

If you’re worried that your home’s cladding isn’t up to date with the new victorian standards, we can help. If your residential property’s current cladding is made of flammable aluminium composite panels we can safely and efficiently replace and upgrade it. Meeting the safety requirements of Victorian building codes, and creating a safer home for your family.

Not sold? Take a look at some of our past projects - maybe that will change your mind.