Who are Halex Group

Founded in 2018 by Matt & Jesse, Halex Construction is your one-stop shop in the Melbourne construction industry. With over 18 years of experience, Halex Construction focuses its work on delivering innovative designs, sustainable building practices and quality labour needed to create luxurious high-end residential projects across metro-Melbourne.

Halex’s foundations are built on the relationships we’ve formed from years of working experience. From our first days as apprentices to the construction experts, we are today, we know how important it is to build strong working relationships in the construction industry. The relationships we’ve created with other contractors means they have a mutual understanding and work ethics to Halex Construction. If we need extra services for your building site you can rest easy knowing a Halex Construction approved crew will be helping out. These relationships means we have all the trades you will need, under one roof. This sets us apart from the rest, we ensure a smoothly coordinated worksite with many trades moving in and out throughout the build process.

Our team at Halex Construction is constantly growing. Over the years, we’ve worked continuously over the years to create a team that meets all the essential marks and shares our values. Our current crew is filled with dedicated and talented home builders that share our work ethic and know the importance of delivering high-quality services. When hiring we don’t just look at the skill level of an individual like most construction companies but in specific details. All of our crew work well with deadlines, have an eye for detail and fit into our work culture like the last piece of the puzzle. So you can rest assured that every member of our team is like-minded in providing you with the best quality service.

We understand that new home builds are one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make. We want to make this process as stress-free as possible. You can comfortably leave all the hard-to-tackle challenges of a build, like permits and approvals, in our heavily experienced hands. From the initial design plan to the very last site day, we’ll treat you like part of the team, keeping you updated at every single part of the build- minus the stress and worry.

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